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Difficult for whore / Mike
Chang Cheh the righteous spirit of the world, often overshadowed the good things come to play Killing Sister complexes, in such a cloudy climate dragging "adulteress" walking through the heavy shadow Lane, definitely not easy work. Search of Chang Cheh Filmography, executive director surprised to find him before the tube when the writer of the film, including director Paul Chow, Sze, "Pan" - Chinese Folk teeth Moquancazhang the most famous adulteress. This branch stretching out in the collective consciousness of the wall of Apricot, a heart can be like the years of his long thorns, and even the composition of the subconscious elements of deep background.
The woman does not keep the Women in his films time and again the destroyer of friendship of men, brothers who are not related is good, harmonious life again because of "sister" of climbing ethics and presents the confusion out of control. Revealing that, in many cases does not seem to head the party cuckold very concerned about, but with his arms around friends could not bear watching, much ado about two automatically inserted knife threat - or can be interpreted as a loyalty man named blood, but denied blowing sowing the love triangle of vinegar used to see in the acid rain the wind, but not the sister but the brother love brother. Is probably the most ridiculous example of "Water Margin": Pan lingering possessed him in Ms. Lu Jia. She and the housekeeper obsessed with martial arts Lu Junyi LI Gu to take advantage of the lunch cold bedroom affair, not only to do a sky deities take one home, also indirectly Liangshanpo hero who duck feather. Finally, truth, loyalty Mission evil adulteress is any cut in front of detention on adults Lu Ren cut, and he did great cardiac cautious hesitation, standing next to the confidant Yanqing furious, blade and cut his behalf to complete Murder task. Clapping and cheering the outcome of this recognition is the mutual love between men, disloyal woman no chance of escape - a play to be directed labeled as flat characters, no blood, no meat, only one sooner or later to be chopped head.
Because of thin three-dimensional nature of the body can not accommodate, "revenge" was forced to cut into black and white women of the two angles: the villain's sister is fun to spend leisurely long ago on "justice" was to avenge a brother killed brother, then seduce the enemy ventured down into the dangerous spy work, I'll have to spend Masayoshi workers took over her sister. "Dream of Red Mansions" Daiyu Po Chai Ling For the separation of the conjoined twins cutting operation was over by learning and using. Unfortunately, after a knife cut fragrance of the magic beauty, the fragrance gone, troubles neither consistent fill the gap separating brothers, it lacks the tension in the triangular relationship.
Positive description of good and bad brothers, the "Blood Brothers", put the brother / brother / daughter-equilateral triangle to expand i
nto more complex corners. Three men and a woman's love and hate intertwined, Qing Liu Guan Shi Pan Although the re-encounter more notice of her grandmother know Patriarch Abraham, the situation is complex and embarrassment, surprise, Peach Garden Peach, covertly seems to swap off a sleeve sub-peach peach. Chang Cheh in the "Memoirs" wrote: "Peach Garden is a model of male sense of obligation, Guan Yu was deified therefore, none of which are factors of homosexuality; larger scale』 『male friendship group is the" Water Margin "Liangshan one hundred and eight will , say that Song Jiang, Wu, Lin, Lu Zhishen is gay, it seems hard to imagine. "greatly not only put on the" loyalty model "of condoms, meaning it can not be infected with homosexuality. But his film plant in Taoyuan, poured out of the bright lights of fancy picking unusual flowers, almost as comrades will never forget the virtues.
"Blood Brothers" in principle, the Ministry of first-person video, flashback through the third brother, David Kang, statements assassinate his brother Dillon chronology. Their own story that is not pleasant to the ear and do not want to skip about, of course not to mention - at least the audience would not suspect such a heavy inferred. For his desire to find lost jigsaw puzzle, in the voice-prompt people to fill the dotted line between the ambiguous, is nothing more than to watch this relatively more serious works of the greatest pleasures Chang Cheh. Third brother and brother Chen Kuan Tai met long ago, fellow sufferers go hand in hand when the brigands, when Li has been well though Yisow good wife's attitude to mixing in the side, the relationship between the three very well - versed brother apparently balanced "and woman" and "loyalty" of the Road, Yisow and the third brother, not between the existence of tension. Three brothers, two brothers become, the problem only start to appear: the new Big Brother added grace wise and brave, not only brother and the third brother soon so dumping, sleeping idol worship of infinite factors out of control fermentation, Yisow hidden "prostitution women "suddenly irrigated seed, like a spring breeze to root sprout.
The first is not ready to make her aware of her brother with the quilt, therapeutic writing, but the style of the third brother has always puzzled - because she can not help but fall in love with Big Brother at the same time, third brother, but also to steal the body of the bet in the dim brother love intended to turn the side bet on Big Brother, "rival" also did not see the fire, the sensitive nose has smelled smoke. Maintenance of a decent reason for the brother, in the traditional concept of Killing Sister is a gateway to act in the red carpet, turning back to the foot are considered heroes, but the mood on the eight off seven third brother did not choose a convenient shortcut, surging jealousy carried away his head, his assassination target is big brother. Oscar Wilde's famous line "each person what he loved to kill" inevitably emerge up, third brother, big brother to death is not purchase courage to pull off not dig up the roots style with a tragic, his destruction of the runaway own demons.
it s become so hard for me to be surprised

Chapter | self-image: allows you to change yourself from the inside and outside
â—† Self-Image will control what you can do something, do not do what and what things really hard for you and what is easy, even someone you react to the decision, its determination and scientific, as a thermometer control the indoor temperature in your home as irrefutable.
â—† Self-image is not the time to change sooner or later, age. Anytime you can start a new and different life.
Only those who dare to believe that something inside themselves able to overcome the surrounding environment, and can create brilliant.
- Bruce Barton
The late 20th century, 60, psychology began a revolution, the revolution and later flourished in the 70s. Began writing in 1960, the "psychological control technique", I is in psychology, psychiatry and medical drastic changes in the front. New theory of the self, new ideas began to appear in the clinical psychologists, experts in psychiatric research center, and even the cosmetics industry and plastic surgeons, like me, the so-called work and research results. Drawn from these studies a new method, and ultimately brought a person's character, health and even the basic skills and talent of the great changes. Over the past who defeated became successful. Did not receive additional tutoring in the premise, the past performance score for the F students into a thoroughgoing A. Naturally shy, unsociable, introverted people become happy and cheerful. At that time, there is a "fashion magazine" refer to my article in the paper, TF James summed up all kinds of psychologists and MD are the result of:
The psychological state of self-awareness, means understanding success and failure, love and hate, the difference between pain and happiness. I found that really could save endangered broken marriage, career re-rugged, transformation with the victims of character flaws. On the other hand, that also means I have found true freedom and the distinction between forced obedience.
This fact is not this happening 40 years after the forecast made.
"Locus of control technique" was first published, if you go to a bookstore and buy to read, may find that it lies a dark corner shelf, with a dozen of the other so-called self-help books together . Of course, self-help books has now become the bookstore as part of the largest number of books. Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists have sprung up, a large number of experts who have begun to appear, such as sports psychologists, group work performance director and so on. Seek such help is not embarrassing things, so that in some areas, seek professional assistance has become a trend. Self-psychology has been all the rage, even in the TV program in business information are a place!
Of Aesthetic
View today's booming information, many seem to have built on this foundation of psychological control theory, they almost can help you to overcome the drag from a golf ball used to improve skills, including all the goals that I pleased. You might say, my initial work with the times ahead of time, it may be outdated. From a personal perspective, no matter what conclusion you draw on your most important point is: the facts prove that the basic psychological control technique promises made, no doubt entirely correct that this commitment of Aesthetic. No matter now what is impossible for you what made you read this book no matter what the reason, you can use some of the psychological concept of a reasonable, understandable and easy to master the mental training techniques, and Several practical course of action, be of Aesthetic.
Your blueprint unknown
I strongly believe that the era of psychology is the most important findings is the revelation of self-image. By recognizing self-image and learn to correct self-image and control it work for you, you get incredible confidence and strength.
Whether or not you realize that each person's heart has depicted the spirit of their own heart is like a blueprint or call. On our consciousness, the picture may be blurred, hazy, not quite clear. In fact, human consciousness can not even recognize it. But it does there, completely, crystal-clear is completed. This is our own self-image of what kind of person I view it is based on our view of the formation of self. These views on their own, most are based on our past experiences, our successes and failures, our honor and disgrace, and our response to others (especially early childhood experiences) and unconsciously formed. Based on these observations, we built on the psychological level begins with a self (or one on the self-image). Personally speaking, if a certain idea or belief for their own access this image, it will become a reality. We do not question its validity, but without turning it to act in accordance, as it is indeed the real thing.
Therefore, the self-image will control what you can do something, do not do what and what things really hard for you and what is easy, even someone you react to the decision, its determination and scientific, like a root thermometer control the indoor temperature in your home as irrefutable.
Specifically, all your actions, feelings, behavior or ability, are always consistent with this self-image. Please note that the word always. In short, you think what kind of person he is, will be in accordance with the characteristics of this group of people to action. More importantly, you can not back the opposite direction of, even if a conscious effort or perseverance will not help (which is also trying to make some teeth and a piece of something hard to do because it will be lost . its roots not in the will is not firm, but rather on the self-image management).
Rebound effect
Self-image of people who consider themselves fat (ie, the person's self image that I like to eat sweets, said she can not stop the temptation of junk food, and has no time for exercise) can not always lose weight and stay in shape, no matter how she consciously trying to fight with this kind of futile self-image. You can not do for a long time, or to escape beyond the self-image. Even if you can really escape briefly, will immediately produce a rebound effect, like a rubber band, stretch between two fingers, but it will be the slightest relaxation restitution.
If one consider themselves a failure type of person, then no matter how good motives, no matter how strong will power, he could find a way to fail, even if it broke to the front of the opportunity, and he will be missed. If someone think of themselves as victims of social injustice, think they are doomed to suffering, he always found the environment around the view that he is not wrong.
You can also make this point more specific. For example, you attend the golf tournament, your sales career, public speaking, weight loss, relationships and so on. Dominant self image is unconditional, with universal. Rebound effect everywhere.
Self-image is a prerequisite, the cornerstone or foundation, all your character traits, behavior, and even their environment, are the basis for its establishment. The result, we always seem to demonstrate the experience and deepen our self-image, to form a loop. As this cycle is benign or malignant, it should be, as the case may be.
For example, an F-type students themselves as a child, or that they know nothing about the students of mathematics, always found every time the report card is really F. So he will have the evidence. Similarly, professional sales people or entrepreneurs will find their own personal experience always proved self-image is correct. No matter what you find difficult, whether you encounter any setbacks in life, those difficulties and setbacks seem to have some sort of proof and to strengthen the same, like grooves on a record deeply rooted in your self-image of the thing.
As evidence of the existence of this objective, we rarely think of their own self-image or the crux of our self-evaluation. If you tell a bad math student, that he did not learn algebra, but this statement is just his imagination, he may wonder whether you are conscious. He tried to learn ah school, but the results are still unsatisfactory. If you tell a sales agent, said that money can not exceed a certain amount is just an idea of her, then she took out her order book to prove your theory wrong. Only she knows best how much effort they pay, how many times they experienced failure. However, as we will see, once to convince them to change the self image, whether it is student achievement or earning capacity of salesmen, occurs almost incredible changes.
Obviously, all the light that exists in your mind, you think you can, it must do it is not enough. In fact, it is actually harm to others. This interpretation may be more effective: Test results or earning capacity based on a deep-rooted, and may even imperceptible mode of thinking on this mode of thinking once the change, you can often liberate them to more effectively develop their own potential, and get a big difference with the previous results. This will let me know and self-image on a most important truth: self-image can change.
Confirmed by numerous examples, self-image is not the time to change sooner or later, age. Anytime you can start a new and different life.
Figure, assuming that we live in two boxes. Most on the outside represent the actual boundaries of a solid line, or call the reality boundaries. Left (on behalf of strictly self-restraint) in the dotted line or dashed line to the self-imposed boundaries. Solid lines and dotted lines refer to you the potential of the area between the regions has not yet been developed or scope. When you realize that reinforce and explain the meaning of self-image, it will be broken out move, making it increasingly close to the real line, so you can more fully use their potential.
Success from the inside out, not from outside to inside the
We know that a person in order to change habits, character, or a way of life appears to be particularly difficult, one reason is that almost all attempts to map changes that are always point to the peripheral boundaries of self, and not to self-center.
Many patients have told me something like: If you are talking about 'positive thinking, I've tried before, but that does not work for me. However, there is always time to say a little problem: these people in the use or attempted use of positive thinking approach, either the external environment for the consideration given, or used to consider some specific habit or character flaw, as I will get it job in the future I want to be more calm, more relaxed, this business venture would certainly hit me good luck. And so on. However, they never wondering how to change the view of self, and self-image is the key to achieving these goals.
Jesus has warned us not to do to make the new fabric or old clothes on the new wine in old bottles with absurd things. If you use positive thinking as a patch, fill to the same self-image of an old clothes will not receive good results. In fact, his views has always been very negative, but would like to actively think about a particular situation, it is almost impossible to accomplish. Numerous tests show that once the change in the view of self, in line with the new self-view and other things can very easily be done effortlessly.
Self-image is the core ideology of individual
The late Prescott Lecky has done a related first, the most convincing experiment. He is a self-image of one of the pioneers of psychology. Lakey the person's character as a system of thought, any kind of ideology and the system must be consistent with all other thoughts. Incompatible with the system, system of thought will be rejected as not credible, and thus do not have the guidance of the effectiveness of actions. Seems consistent with the idea the whole system will be accepted. The core of this ideology (or the establishment of the foundation of all other thoughts or foundation) is the individual self-image, or the individual's own views.
As Leckie is a teacher, so thousands of students have the opportunity to prove his theory. He suggested that if students have difficulty learning a particular subject, it is probably because he thought he not suitable for studying the subject. Leckie believes, however, if they can convince the students to change their self-definition, their learning ability should be able to change.
Proved true. Has a student spell 100 words will be misspelled 55, and the more the subjects failed, and even a whole year with no credits, but in the second year of the Final Adjudication has reached 91 points, and became the best student in the school spelling one. Another was ordered to drop out due to his poor performance of female students, but admitted to Columbia University after the school drop-out, but also convincing in getting the A. Have a testing agency told a boy, said he did not learn English talent, but this child has received in the second year of outstanding literary award contest.
The problem is not the dumb students or the lack of basic quality, but that does not have a proper self-image (I'm no math materials, I was born to a lack of spelling ability). They acknowledge their mistakes and failures. They do not say I failed that test (in fact-based description language), but come to the conclusion I'm a loser; that the subjects did not say I failed, but that I was failing and drop out of the students. Leckie works are interested in better understanding the people, we might find a book he compiled the "self-consistency: a theory about the character," read.
Leckie also used the same method to rectify the students biting and bad habits like stuttering.
The information I have saved some of the same persuasive dossier: a special fear of contact with strangers, almost afraid to even go out of the President, but now it has become a speaker, and as a career to earn a living; another because no interest on the proposed sale of a good resignation salesman, sales performance has ranked in the 6 months after the first Habitat Pokka salesman; a week as tension and unbearable pressure to prepare a statement is considered to be retired ministers, but now three times the average weekly lecture its duties, in addition to the weekly statutory statement and, more importantly, he now does not think they will be nervous.
Dr. Lakey to follow the breakthrough thinking on the subject (these reflections are derived from observation of reality) and my previous edition of this book by the time the report into the observations and ideas, there are many people to do more a large number of complex scientific research. Many of these studies found evidence that has prompted most of the theory of self-image psychology groups took control of the point of view.
Why, a plastic surgeon became interested in psychology, self-image
At first glance, medical surgery and seemed to have little association between psychological or no association. However, it has benefited from the work of plastic surgeon, was first discovered traces of the existence of self-image and lead to significant psychological knowledge leads to some of the problems come out.
Years ago my first job in the plastic surgeon, the patient appeared in the character and personality of a sudden change I was very surprised. It is puzzling that these changes are usually some sort of facial defects are corrected result. In many cases, change the external image seems to create a new person. Many examples prove, my hands grip the knife into a magic wand, it is not only the patient's appearance can change, and change the patient's entire life. Shy, unsociable, people become bold and fearless; a stupid young boy into a clever and intelligent, and later became a well-known company's management personnel; performance decline, lack of confidence salesmen became a model of self-confidence. Perhaps the most surprising, to the number who always cherish the hard-nosed criminals, he almost overnight from a hopeless guy (never displayed any desire for change) into a model prisoner, but also the excellent performance to win the chance of parole, and in the community after release take a responsible role.
60 years ago, my "new faces - new future," a book described many similar cases, the book described it more than my companion community. Book listing, some well-known magazine published similar articles. Since then, the criminal, psychologists, sociologists and psychiatrists the same problem will hit me like a shell. They mentioned I can not answer many questions, but it does make me start an investigation. It is curious that, I learned from the failure a little better than the things learned from less successful, perhaps we can not say more strike.
In fact, the success of a good explanation. That boy is too large ears have heard people say he looks like an open door on both sides of the taxi, the subject of ridicule and mockery of life - this is often derided as ruthless. To interact with others means that shame and pain. How could he not try to avoid contact with the community? How could he not afraid of dealing with people will lock themselves? His fear in all aspects of self-expression, which became famous fool. If you know the performance, he corrected the ear, the source of embarrassment and humiliation in order to eliminate certainly lead a normal life (in fact he did normal), is not surprising.
Think tragic car accident that disfigured as a salesman. Shave every morning, he can see the ugly scars jaws that road, and goes on too grotesque distortion of the mouth. The first time his life painfully embarrassed. He was ashamed, I feel sure that their appearance makes shun. Road scars that became his nightmare, he and all the others are so different. He began to wonder how others see him, how to think. Before long, his self-image than face more serious injury. He began to lose confidence and become bitter and hostile. Soon, almost all his attention focused on themselves to protect self-esteem, to avoid any possible embarrassment to his scenes of humiliation and became the primary goal of his life. In this case, correction of facial injury and the recovery of the normal face would overnight change the person's entire life, changed his sense of self, and make him more successful at work, it is not difficult understanding.
A mystery has always made me wonder: If there is magic scalpel, why some people face a new look has always hardcore it?
That being the case, those who mind do not change how should explain the exceptions? Why was the nose, especially life long sarcoma and shy and embarrassed the ladies, although by the nose back to normal after surgery, also called a beautiful face, but still continue to play the role of the ugly duckling, is still annoying as that sister role, and never looked down on the person? If the knife itself is magic, the magic, then why can not it apply to this lady?
Also, those who face rejuvenation is still hardcore people Why? Stubbornly believe that some patients, surgery did not make any change in their faces, how do they explain people's reactions? Each plastic surgeon has had a similar experience, or even like me, was that the patient's stubbornness do a loss. No matter how much some patients changes in appearance occurred, always stubbornly believe that I look exactly the same as before - you did nothing. Friends could hardly recognize them, even difficult to identify family members, but also the beauty of their new glow rejoice, but insisted that these patients can only see their own a little bit of change, or do not see the slightest change, even denied having there is some change occurred. Compared preoperative and postoperative photos and can not bring a good feeling, even arouse hostility. Spirit seems to have some strange magic dictates that these patients may justify this: Of course, I saw the sarcoma did not grow in the nose - but my nose still look no different. Or: maybe see that scar, but it is still in there.
Not ashamed of the scar to bring pride
There is a phenomenon, from which we can find elusive clues to the self-image: Not all scars and facial defects are bound to bring shame and disgrace. I studied medicine in Germany, a young man, proud to see many students through the streets bare the scar, like wear a Medal of Honor and so proud Americans. Gladiator Scar caused mostly elite college campuses, the face of the scar is evidence of their identity and status of the power chapter. These male students, cheeks get a terrible scar on the psychological impact of acquired, as a salesman from my face to get rid of scars on the patient's psychological reaction caused by the same. So I began to understand: knife itself is not magic, It can scar a person's body, another person can also get rid of scars, the psychological effect of same.
Fiction who do not understand the ugly
For a person already has birth defects or because of the tragic mishap disfigured people, cosmetic surgery seems to really bring the magic of their reversal. From such examples is not difficult to launch, all the misfortune, failure, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence treatment, means large-scale cosmetic surgery to eliminate all physical defects. However, according to this theory, those with a normal appearance of the face or can accept people who should not have any psychological disorder. They should be happy, happy, confident, not rash. But we knew was not the case.
This theory can not explain why some people go to cosmetic surgery office for re cosmetic surgery to heal the ugly a purely fictitious. For example, some 35 to 45 year-old woman to believe that, even if only normal appearance (with many women and even very attractive), they still looked very old.
The reason why some young women think they look good, but because of their mouth, nose or chest with the current rage of the Hollywood actress, the young pop star, or where the most popular girl on campus can not be completely comparable: some men think that their large ears, nose is too long.
This fiction is not uncommon ugliness. Some of the small ten teen and college students, large groups of men and women mature survey showed that: most (70%, 80% or even 90%) people are a part of their appearance is not satisfied.
If the normal and medium term there is indeed a reality of these two meanings, then it is clear that these people will not have 90% of people do not look normal, with people of different or defective. However, survey. Our total population nearly the same percentage of the people can always find some reason for the appearance of images prove that they should be (based on self-observation and reactions of others made on the physical appearance of the subjective imagined) feel ashamed.
Of course, in some cases, this shame will become dissatisfied with some positive, encouraging people to proceed with wholesome diet or physical exercise. However, in some cases, it either will inspire people to try a diet or exercise doomed to failure mode (failure due to strong self-image as they set some restrictions), or led to or from sinking into misery.
These people reacted just as flawed as the face really. They had a defect with the appearance of actual people who have the same sense of shame. They began to produce the same fear and anxiety. Same psychological stumbling block, impede and block their ability to pursue a perfect life. Although more of their mental and emotional scars, not appearance, but it has the same ability to destroy and weaken the power.
Why have the rich and powerful people unhappy
Why is the hottest Hollywood stars, winners, rich beautiful people, and why the contract price to win billions of dollars the players enough to live comfortably, why wealthy business elite, or the shadow of the politicians, often surprisingly depressed , due to alcoholism or drug addiction and stoop, or lose face in a variety of public places, do some act prejudicial to the image? Every day we have seen and heard of this phenomenon has grown accustomed to.
They bought a BMW, Mill Valley, also purchased $ 3,000,000 worth of luxury, but still opened my eyes in the morning and said 'I feel bad'. The reference to the words of Dr. Stephen Barth Gothic. Stephen is a psychologist, who has a lot of Silicon Valley to work in network and high-tech treatment of the so-called millionaire's wealth of unnatural syndrome.
Improved by surgery and the appearance of defects were compared, wealth, success, power and fame more difficult to ensure your happiness and tranquility.
Self-image - the real mystery
Reveals the self-image, we had just been discussed can explain all the obvious differences. It is the common denominator of all solutions - is that we have the determinants of all cases, whether these cases in which the hero is a failure or success.
Mystery is this: To truly live, that is, to pursue to make you satisfied with life, there must be an appropriate, realistic self-image with your life. You should find that you can self-acceptance. You have to have a healthy self-esteem, you must have a trusted, reliable self, and you are not ashamed, pass it freely without having to show their evasive, secretive self. You have to understand themselves, both to understand their own strengths but also understand the weaknesses, but to be honest peace with their own superiority and shortcomings. Self-image should be a reasonable approximation of the true me, not only can not override and so can not shy away from.
When this self-image intact, safe and sound, you will feel good; when it is threatened, you will feel anxious and uneasy. If it is appropriate, you can make your heart feel proud, you will feel confident. At this point, you can freely release the self, display themselves and to play their best features. If this self-image as the target being humiliated, you will strive to hide and not show it. Acts display their creative efforts will be hindered, you become hostile, extremely difficult to get along.
If the facial scars can also enhance self-image (like those on campus, like Gladiator). Then the self-esteem and confidence will be enhanced; if facial scars derogatory self-image (the same as salesman), and the results will only lead to self-esteem and confidence of the injury.
If a facial defects are corrected through plastic surgery, only when the damaged self-image has been corrected when appropriate, can have a huge psychological change. Sometimes, even if it has successfully had the surgery, the damaged self-image has not changed, just as the patient's foot is removed from the physical, imaginary limbs make them feel the pain is still the same.
Mental plastic into a new career
These observations led me started a new career. I started to believe in this view: Many people consider plastic surgery, their needs not merely to do a surgery, some people simply do not need surgery.
These people as if I patients, as a complete person for treatment. Not just treat their nose, ears, mouth, or arms and legs, then I should give them more. In addition to correcting the defects on the outside appearance, I should let them know how to get psychological, emotional and spiritual plastic surgery, how to eliminate the emotional scars, how to guide a correct attitude and ideas.
This decision led me to embark on a continuous observation of the beginning of the road, on their face be sorted case of peers, and the public make a speech, and in 1960 wrote this book. Book in a strange way of attracting the public's imagination. Many fashion magazines, including "Reader's Digest" and "fashion" are part of the book cited, some organizations and companies for their salesmen and other employees to purchase thousands of copies, excellent athletes, coaches and sports teams (including the famous Wen Si Lun football coach Buddy coach of Green Bay Packaging Engineering Team) is also widely used in the book provides techniques. As the book's success, and soon there are lots of groups and individuals inviting me to speak, the roving seminars, receive radio and television interviews, I even invited to make their own radio show. Churches, universities and companies are turning down the invitation, invited me to talk about their findings. Eventually, I wrote several other books, as the expansion and supplement the book, including "self-image of the magic." In the second half of my life generation, that is, 30 years after the first publication of the book, it is gratifying to see the "locus of control technique" tens of thousands of copies sold each year while still high, the reader is almost totally dependent on each other pass say so, but now also raised some new ideas, new viewpoints.
As the years passed, I have been teaching the magic of self-image, seen and heard it through the use of self-image and achieved gratifying results, which have accumulated more experience. Now, I am more than ever convinced that: everyone deep down really want something, in fact, more fulfilling life - I call this activity, that is, a self-image from the artificial constraints imposed by living freely experience. Happiness, success, peace (whether you want to pursue the fullness of life is how to define), by its very nature, are the full life experience. Experience happiness, success, confidence and other emotions, we will enjoy life. If the inhibition of their ability to damage our innate divine talent, and let yourself suffer anxiety, fear, guilt and self hate torture, and we actually strangling the vitality of your fingertips, just abandon the Creator has given us endowments; as long as the refusal to give life, we are embracing death.
The carefree life of the new plan
In my opinion, philosophy experts, and psychiatrists as well as people in treatment has the potential to become self-map (even if this change is great) is often too pessimistic on this issue. As contacts with psychologists and psychiatrists who are called non-normal, so the literature almost invariably involves all kinds of unusual people and things, talking about some people's self-destructive tendencies. I fear that many people of such views and perspectives have become commonplace, that began to hate and destructive instincts, shame, guilt feelings, and like all the other negative things, are considered normal human behavior. The average person in the weak will to fight these negative forces of human nature to get healthy and happy, but always feel so weak. If human nature and human environment in the real world is such a sight indeed, it is actually self-improvement efforts in a futile thing.
However, I believe (my personal experience of many patients also confirmed this point): self-improvement you are not alone in the road. Every person has a survival instinct, an instinct that will always work for us in the pursuit of health, happiness and a better life for the enjoyment of the individual should have all. The survival instinct to create mechanisms through what I call work for you, if correctly used, this mechanism will be automatically embedded in every man's success mechanism.
In this book, I will try to provide you with an objective point of view and practical guide to liberating your self-image, fully stimulate your body's automatic success mechanism. I believe that if you are willing to provide them with a reasonable opportunity, you too can be happy and surprised to see all the positive changes they had experienced.
Subconscious thinking of new ideas of science
As we all know, the human component of thinking what exactly the problem, the current controversial. Filled into the nerve cells of your brain than stars in the Milky Way even more hundreds of billions of the people - the number of people feel weird. These nerve cells, each cell must be thousands of cells from the other receives input information, and then in turn send information to thousands of other cells to form as many as hundreds of billions of two-way connection. Introducing the brain works, "fresh air, shining spark," a book, neurologist Gerald Dee Delman Morris estimates that if the number of a neural connection per second, about 3,200 years to count them.
Do you click on their own a bit like the new mail icon on the computer and found that there is a need for classification of twenty thousand e-mail messages, set priorities, organize, restore, and its purpose is to make everything back to normal, in order to complete the simplest daily tasks such as tie his shoe. Makes you shudder to think about, but was able to calm your brain in every dollar processed within microseconds.
The weight of the human brain only about 3 pounds, but contains ingredients like a building full of computer circuit consisting of the entire city as complex. It is certainly our most complex ever found, the most amazing things. However, our brain is still an area not yet fully grasp, because there are always some studies have access to new discoveries, so that people who have better understanding of how the brain functioning.
In addition to mechanical aspects of the concept outside of the brain. There are psychological and spiritual issues, thinking as a flow channel leading to the soul, consciousness and unconscious, Freud's concept of the I, triple rather than double the operating system point of view (reptilian brain, the brain and the brain side) , the views of left and right brain, and so on.





1. Target

2. Trust

3. Relax

4. Learning

5. Practice


Of course.


Of course not.




This is not true

I do not know. He said.




In other words.


I asked.





Happy, we thought more active, better performance, better feel, better health, physical senses are working even more efficient.
â—† a major cause of unhappiness that had nothing to do with personal things, we Quefei to make their own condemnation.
Most people in the world quiet. They only briefly lived in this world, just as earth does not belong to them all the same.
- EL Doctorow
Usually this is just a thought about their goals in life is not an excuse! They want to hide in general, difficult to define the place, rather than the specific problems faced can be quantified.
In this chapter, I will talk about medical rather than philosophical point of view happy topic. The contents of this chapter is to discuss these.
Happiness is good medicine
Happy thinking and physiology of the human machine is simple and natural. Happy, we thought more active, better performance, better feel, better health, physical senses are working even more efficient. Russian psychologists K       on people thinking happy thoughts and think the idea of the difference between unpleasant test. Dr. William Bates confirmed that, when people think happy thoughts or happy scene in the imagination, vision is immediately improved. Psychosomatic Medicine have shown that happy when our stomach, liver, heart and all internal organs are more good features.

Test Sings, in his book "Anatomy of a disease," described in detail but with his unique educational experience. Dr. Bernie Siegel in the Happy therapy made outstanding contributions to the field, I suggest that if given the opportunity Readers may wish to read his book or listen to his speech.
Dr. Schindler said that unhappiness is the only source of all physical and mental illness, and happy is the only prescription.



He said.








Of course.

I asked.


One of the Olympic decode: "Bird's Nest" to deploy missiles to be surprised
Of: Collected Works of avant-garde of the People's Daily: China peaceful Olympic Games with the common responsibility of the world sounding the alarm against terrorism together an international force China to ensure safe Olympic Games in Beijing held a meeting to ensure the safe deployment of the safety production work on the Olympic Games special meeting of the SCO member states joint anti-terrorism research protect the Olympic Games
Recently, some careful Beijing residents found that in the Olympic Stadium "Bird's Nest," a nearby lawn, be able to see under the protection of the safety net, there are two missile launchers and radar systems, the whole body is covered with camouflage nets. The Beijing Olympic Security Coordination Group, Minister Tian Yixiang army work, has recently confirmed to the media, for the protection of Olympic security, in addition to air missile, the China's military also used the combat aircraft, helicopters, ships, radar, chemical, engineering security, and other weaponry.
Information pictures: April 17, special police team in the "hostage rescue" exercise. Day, Qingdao Olympic sailing police held in Olympic security drills emergency disposal of critical incidents, the police planted in the disposal of toxic gases, evacuation, hazardous materials explosion, hostage rescue, the use of new equipment and other aspects of coordination. Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Zi and Heng She
In this regard, some people in the country has never seen as such an arrangement was hard to understand, and even the security question. And some overseas media hype is enthusiastically arrange things, to the original normal to get very mysterious work very Xuan Hu, China on Olympic security as well as some of China's national defense forces of speculation based on hearsay evidence, thus misleading the audience.
So, Beijing Olympic venues around the deployment of a similar surface to air missiles and other weapons and equipment, in the end are we going? This arrangement is not the first Olympic Games in Beijing? Is it really because of the Beijing Olympics to face the "high risk"?
In fact, the reason is very simple. Frankly speaking, this arrangement is that we fulfill the Games, "and high-level" Olympic Games part of its commitment, and the military involved in Olympic security is an international practice is not the first Olympic Games in Beijing.
From the United States, "911" since the incident, military involvement in major sporting events including international events, including security work has been to follow the international practice of States. To the recent Group of Eight summit held in Japan, for example, spend a lot of security work for the military forces to participate. Such as the first appearance of the "Self-Defense Forces Central Emergency Response Group" will be very compelling. This elite troops from the anti-terrorism combat missions as a "special combat units" and particularly in response to biological and chemical weapons attacks, "the central special weapons protection team" composed of. In the sea, the sea waters around Hokkaido, the SDF deployment in addition to carrying the "Aegis" destroyer radar system in the waters near Lake Toya deployment of missiles and helicopters carrying frigates, but also deployed near the venue of "Patriot" missile intercept system.
The same is true of international major sports events. World Cup budget of 3.7 billion, 123 million being used to take security issues during the World Cup, the money will be used to buy warning aircraft, anti-riot police vehicles and other equipment. Earlier this year, South Africa, Cape Town police and military also carried out over the large-scale anti-terrorism exercise. Shortly after the end of the European Football Championship, one of the host country of the Swiss Parliament approved exclusively by the security forces to work, there are over 13,000 military personnel responsible for the external alert.
The same can not be exceptions to the Olympic Games. Greece in 2004 at the 28th Summer Olympic Games host city of Athens and the other four Olympic cities have set up a missile umbrella over by Patriot missiles, Stinger missiles and Hawk missile missile group consisting of a trunk, supported by Mirage Second, OOO-type, F-sixteen other fighters. At that time the Greek army launched a preparedness mechanism, has taken the biggest military operation since World War II, used hundreds of combat aircraft and helicopters, dozens of ships, air defense missiles and launchers, military vehicles thousands of vehicles. Coordination of the international military forces also used, such as the neighboring countries was stationed in Greece, a NATO military forces into combat readiness, sent out four early warning aircraft, nuclear biological and chemical weapons attacks against sending special forces and NATO's Mediterranean fleet. Greece has also set up along the border checkpoint 200, checkpoint between the 24-hour patrols and is equipped with four helicopters and four aircraft.
According to international practice, China's military participation in Olympic security, determine the use of the Army, Navy, Air Force, part of the force, force involves four military and naval and air forces and headquarters directly under the Ministry of (sub) teams, including aviation, engineering, chemical defense, and health ground expertise. Is mainly responsible for the seven tasks: the Olympic stadium's air safety; coastal area surrounding maritime security; disposal of nuclear, chemical and biological terrorist attacks; provide intelligence support; organizations rescue, medical rescue and transport helicopters; maintain stability in border and coastal areas; completion of the Olympic Games security group assigned to other tasks.
Olympic security is always the top priority of a successful Olympics. International Olympic Committee on the preparations for the Beijing Olympics the 45 proposed monitoring evaluation phases, and labeled as green, yellow, red three levels, in these regular assessments, the Beijing Olympic security work has been rated as a symbol of good green. That the security work "test events related to the successful completion of testing, especially the integration with the venue team significant effect."
In fact, such as deployment of missiles and other Olympic venues, the implementation of international practice, I believe in the Olympic Games there will be a lot of the process, we need to do is not make a fuss, but to understand, learn and adapt to and comfortable with.
☆ News Background
Recognized as the first time the Chinese military used surface-Beijing Olympic Games
Chinese military to use missiles to defend the Beijing Olympics rumors caused a hubbub of public opinion at home and abroad. Seven days for the first time the Chinese military confirmed that the SAM has been mobilized to participate in Beijing Olympic security.
Beijing Olympic Security Coordination Group on the work of the armed forces minister, said Tian Yixiang, in addition to air missile, the Chinese military has also used the combat aircraft, helicopters, ships, radar, chemical defense, engineering support and other weapons and equipment.
As for the military use of surface-specific models, Tianyi Xiang did not disclose. Earlier, seven red flag-type surface to air missile in the "nest" near the deployment has been widely circulated photos that the rule of law "Sidewinder" missile developed as a prototype of ultra-low, short-range surface to air missile weapons systems using infrared, television, radar combined guidance with a range of 500 to 12,000 meters, single shot rate of eight to Jiucheng, which can effectively intercept helicopters, unmanned aircraft and cruise missiles. Concerned that China's military air defense missile systems Olympic security must cover the high, medium and low range, the current red flag disclosure in seven low-altitude missile type is only one of them.
China's Olympic security forces from the military in 2005 began preparatory work in accordance with the principles of using military forces nearby to determine the use of the Army, Navy, Air Force, part of the force, force involves four military and naval and air forces and headquarters directly under the Ministry of (sub) team including aviation, engineering, chemical defense and medical service expertise. Is mainly responsible for the seven tasks: the Olympic stadium's air safety; coastal area surrounding maritime security; disposal of nuclear, chemical and biological terrorist attacks; provide intelligence support; organizations rescue, medical rescue and transport helicopters; maintain stability in border and coastal areas; completion of the Olympic Games security group assigned to other tasks. (China News Network Chen)
Military Expert: Bird's Nest around the deployment of the missile can intercept aircraft missile
Recently, the Chinese military to defend the Olympic Games confirmed the safety of the missile in the news, we are very much like to know, "Guarding the nest red seven missiles in the end is what type of missile? It very strong?" Interview with Xinhua, the International Media Center of Tsinghua University special researchers, military experts Song Xiaojun. He said that the Red Chinese military has not released specific data series of missiles, but we know that this series of timely and effective intercept the missile threat "nest" of helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles, to ensure that the "Bird's Nest" security (see: China's Red Flag compliance with international conventions 7 missiles stationed in advanced care, "Bird's Nest",
the Hong Kong media: "Bird's Nest" to deploy air defense missiles near the air prevent terrorist attacks.)
Song Xiaojun, said, "Seven Types of Red Flag" is the rule of law "Sidewinder" missile developed as a prototype of ultra-low, short-range surface to air missile weapons systems. At present, whether the producers or consumers, seven red flags were not announced a specific data type of missile. The widely circulated on the network information, such as the range, shooting, etc., are only based on the French system of "Sidewinder" missiles from data from.
Song Xiaojun, said: "the missile on the 'nest' near to the stadium plus the equivalent of an insurance." He believes that during the Olympic Games must be estimated the possibility of terrorist attacks, had also occurred in China, hijackings, security work so not the effect. Beijing Olympic security work, integrated the world's previous major events, important anti-terrorism attack on the building experience and lessons learned.
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