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[Documentary] dressing room met Miss Asia 2007, July 26 Hainan Ya Zhang Jiaying sister a few minutes before the final started, I went back to a camera, a door to see the right hand of a beautiful, quite good, is make-up . Was puzzled, so beautiful beautiful, how have not seen; although not always participate in activities of sub-sister, but also participated in several times, for the participating players, is still not at all unfamiliar.
First, regardless of who picked up a camera to shoot.
I finished the photos, make-up artist and beauty photo requests. This time I knew that this beauty is the winner of the 2007 Miss Asia.
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hidden camera in women s dressing room

In Germany you can easily portable hot dressing room at any time
German company has invented a "portable female toilet,"
China News Network International Online news: the world's most bitter than the urgency of the problem but can not find the toilet, the toilet queue to find more tears! Compared with men, women suffering more this issue. Do not want to bear the pain? Then try a German company has invented a "portable female toilets" column, not only light weight, convenient and can be placed in bags, economic and environmental health. With it, ladies, can finally pee anywhere solve the problem.
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 3, this portable "toilet" is actually a plastic urine bag, which has taken on a cleverly designed "leaves", and the body bags pink circle for the user mating pockets pocket handle grip.
Urine bag folded up only one big chocolate, you can carry in your handbag, just need to expand it. As for the specific use, you can refer to the summary printed on the bag under the heading - squatting, sitting or standing easy, and you can also "a play", choose your favorite way.
In addition to elegant and unique look, this "toilet", which is the core design is that it can aggregate into a gel and can absorb a pint (about 473 ml urine) of the liquid, but in case of emergency, as drink too much tea, urine bags can hold 2.2 pints (about 1 liter of liquid). Meanwhile, the gel can block the smell of urine distribution.
Urine will
be the magic one-time proposal. Its designers say, Eva Tingte, air can be directly thrown into the trash, because it is environmentally sound and urine bag. According to reports, the time of purchase, usually by three packages, or even packaging, including 11. Twenty-seven euros.
Tingte also said that through the urine bag, ladies do not have to waste time queuing on the toilet. When you're on the highway, you can use it in the car, when you do not want to dirty public toilets, you can use your own "toilet", when you participate in outdoor party, you can not find the toilet no longer worry. However, the company also warns users not to use while driving. [[]]
October 44 last year, this "portable female toilet, since the market", the company has passed the 20,000 sales and Internet pharmacies. "We have orders from around the world, every car should have a" Tingte said. According to reports, female urine bag on the stock market seems to be the same "male urine bag in the road, such as the hot market in 2007, urine bags and a man, has sold more than 20 million this year." (Global Online: Muslim)
Smile thinking about the pain listening gaze
Susan. Wen Esther [U.S.] New York, 1997
World Grand Prix 1998 Photography Winners
As long as two hours without injecting heroin, Goro Ruina will be mad. Goro Ruina looks mad scary, she would not stop tearing their clothes and left on the skin in the chest stained blood. Issued by the beast in her mouth sounds, distorted faces of tears cross-flow, and sometimes desperate in the rubbish to roll. Not difficult to imagine, in such times, Goro Ruina is not familiar to the friends of the Goro Ruina.
Jeddah. Jack Benson [U.S.] 1997
1998 World Press Photo Contest Winners
Mike. Tyson in the boxing opponent Evander field. Evander Holyfield's ear as a prey to bite the next chunk of impunity, this Tyson once again expanded visibility. The accident happened at June 28, 1997 in Las Vegas, a heavyweight boxing match in the third inning. Tyson was disqualified, fines, suspension and other penalties, he also had to refund $ 30,000,000 of the remuneration. Currently Holyfield's ear has been damaged shape surgeons had completed treatment.
Robert. Yar'Adua Snow [France] Paris, 1953
The girl in front of job seekers are receiving an "interview." Huge unemployment figures that dance hall boss has the right to pick and choose.
In 1953, the famous photographer Robert. Yar'Adua Snow by the "photographer" magazine asked, shooting a group of dance hall on the       feature stories. At that time life was strapped for Dewar Snow, to accept this contract means that the magazine mitigation of economic difficulties. But the subject has always been known to take a serious photographer, but psychologically difficult to accept the pleasure quarters as the theme of the report task. However, when He went to the Mayor after the life of dance halls, but found here is a microcosm of the whole society, in which people live may also be representative of the social culture.
The Mayor was very small dance halls, and only can only hold 400 seats, it is not ambition to fight for the song and dance performances were broadcast around the world status of industry. However, relying on a piece of bread as for the bold naked girls show, Mayor of the notorious dance hall eventually.
New York, 1945 Virginia
"Coors, 35, a former plumber. He was posing as nightclub dancers, strippers, heaven. This is a family service for gay nightclub." Virginia reported: "Coors allegedly committed in Nightclub outgoing male partner were arrested for prostitution. When I went to a van to take pictures, 'she' immediately put the vice-Star attitude, and reminded me to deliver the best photo size bigger. "
New York, 1952, Virginia
Wiping his leg ready to play the stripper powder on the door that angry man indifferent. Mottled walls and objects and the front desk did not mess anything in common. Virginia never let his people isolated from the environment to simplify the picture, and never afraid to flash people leave behind in the shadows. What he means is: "I (the photographer) in, I snap." Blunt American style completely.
20th century, 40 years New York the night, haunted with a plump, photographer. He wore expensive clothing is set products, but it looks like they spread the goods. His hair disheveled, eyes confused - these did not prevent him faster than the speed of police cars rushed to the crime scene, shoot the world's best homicide photos.
Record of his life in the metropolis at night, this is a different world the day, in the dark, everything is more shameless, more absurd, ugly, more unscrupulous way to show it. All of these they are exposed to the flash of the photographer. The photographer is famous Virginia.
Most of Virginia is like a baseball bat hit his knees general picture directly. There is nothing to prevent you from understanding them, they do not even need the title. Different from most photographers, Virginia refused to discipline, did not develop a theory. His technique is so casual, and even his early masterpiece has been accused of sloppy sloppy.
Art does not cause any trouble to Virginia. Because he did not understand painting and sculpture. History of photography in art history or little knowledge, he never bothered to consider arts-related things. Him from his subject is not clear what a symbol means. He is not to use the camera to praise the people he shot, he was just to make a living, but the lack of a narrow life of leisure. His hope is free to go when Virginia: a little fame, a little money (not much), and some women. He received all of this, and he also won the title of the artist. After his death, he often signs "book Mingwei Ji authentic work" in the form of words in the ad where the editors.
When he was still very young, it exudes a Virginia middle atmosphere. His restless black eyes felt slightly confused, the lack of combing the long hair, holding the camera, his mouth half smoked cigar dangling. In winter, he looks like peace and his blend wrinkled clothes, and all his pockets were stuffed with film, lenses and a variety of small instruments
To 30 years old, Virginia has become fat, body loose. Later, of her own money, he found a well-known tailor in London, clothes, and insist that all parts are bigger and two inches. He does not like to be the feeling of cloth tightly stick. A few hours later, Vega dressed like a New York street cart selling clothes and left happily.
This is a very flesh creep photos.
June 8, 1972, the Vietnam War drawing to a close. War Torn The U.S. military has changed very
Was hysterical, facing unarmed civilians in villages and bombing people.
A group photo was taken, fell from the sky incendiary children were terrified and running around the scene,
Particularly among the little girl because the clothes were burning, had naked in the road running. The image of the very clear demonstration of skin pain and mental fear. The image of a rich sense of justice for every tear, compassionate reader's heart.
This picture was soon published in the United States, "New York Times" front page, all of a sudden became a boom
Topic of the moment action. This picture vividly exposed the brutality of war, the war demonstrated the profound harm to human body and soul. Americans have long been this far away from endless war the United States and confused numb indifference, but this picture again awaken their conscience, and began a wave of anti-war rise again.
Soon, the Vietnam War came to an end, people say, six months ahead of this picture to promote the end of the Vietnam War.
In 1973, the United States won the Pulitzer Prize for this picture, the same year, in the Netherlands than in World Press Photo
Race and was named the best photos.
Photos of the girl named Pan Jinshu, then 9 years old. Photo fame, she became the news
Photography tracking figures. Adult, she moved to the United States, is running United Nations-appointed ambassador for peace around the world to their own experiences about the meaning of peace. In 1996, she had her family and children, but back then there were still burn scars.
Huanggong Wu is a photographer of the field, then only 22 years old.
USA) Joe. Rosen 1945
By early 1945, near the end of World War II, Allied forces launched offensive in order to mainland Japan, decided to first won the maritime gateway to Tokyo - Iwo Jima, the results after 26 hard-fought day and night. 19,217 injured, killed 6,821 soldiers, thirty thousand Japanese garrison was wiped out, plug in the American flag on Iwo Jima. Journalists are aware of the great historical significance of this event, they braved a hail of bullets and timely capture of this valuable historical lens.
Painting a dark field full of flavor, with a fierce battle rhythm. Soldiers risking his own life for the victory, the spirit of courage, so that works imbued with the lofty high-spirited atmosphere and thrilling power. This is a vivid pieces of art, showing the fate of human life and death struggle; This is the first tragic song, tribute to the warrior spirit of their selfless dedication.
Painting at the time the news of victory spread throughout the world as it was printed in newspapers, books, and encyclopedia, and became a symbol of victory in World War II. After the war, was again made a huge bronze statue of the sculptor, stands the town square in the United States Arlington, become the eternal yearning for the heroic dedication of memorial.

The African continent, full of natural disasters and man-made.
80 years since the 20th century, Africa was drier, prolonged droughts, hundreds of thousands of people in hunger, in the plague of the tortured and dying. Where many journalists shocking footage, chilling. The painting is very representative. Reporter went to interview a very serious drought in Uganda, is deeply moved by the suffering there. He did not generalize to go shooting victims pale and thin, and no dry barren land to shoot, but shoot a strong contrast to the lens - rich, skinny little white hands and black hands, which express the strong feelings about the consequences of drought feelings and desire to appeal to the community. Bold pictures of the cut, discarded everything other than contrast, leaving people feeling strong and focused vision, and strengthen the visual impact of the photo, so that the enormous suffering in the drought-speechless to be fully displayed.
Documentary photography with instant news for the mission as advantage, however, the moment in the film, but also to the appropriate composition, vivid visual image of the impact of people, shock people's hearts, it is very commendable.
Sam. Hill, 1937
May 1937, the German "Hindenburg" was successfully leap the Atlantic airship, about Lake Hurst, New Jersey in the United States land base, because of the impact the building and exploded.
This disaster is a human tragedy, but also severely damaged the German national pride. 20 years since the 20th century, the airship was a symbol of strength. It means that in future people can easily control the sky. 30 years, the success of the airship, the Germans used to think the sky will be their next stage, as did the British used to dominate the oceans. "Hindenburg" is the best one airship, but it has failed so miserably. At the time, this event is 22 movie camera and take pictures of many photographers. Because we already stand a good equipment, aimed at the sky, to take its successful landing of the lens, but did not expect this frightening scene photographed.
Half a century has passed, but people's minds with this picture in mind, this soul-stirring moments. This also can see the photo of the moment is eternal charm.
(USA) Stanley. Foreman 1975
Of the "Boston Herald American newspaper" reporter, heard the fire, he quickly drove to the scene. While running toward the fire, while the carrying two cameras tuned aperture and shutter, while watching the fire housing situation.
Tension, a firefighter was on the cross to the fire escape, trying to help have been standing on the fire escape, trying to help have been standing waiting to be rescued on the fire escape two girls - 19-year-old Diana and 3-year-old Tia Na.
Close attention to using the lens of each of the whereabouts of things, but did not expect shooting to the awful tragedy of the whole process.
The next day, this group of photos hit the papers, Boston residents were shocked. People are outraged and strongly demanded the authorities to take measures to repair the fire escape is not peaceful. The Government of Boston within 24 hours of the city's building inspection carried out in order to make people's lives reliable protection.
Shocking photos of the site, it witnessed the tragedy of the process, warning of social documentary photography shows a powerful force.
This group of photos was awarded the American Pulitzer Prize photographs. This is one of them in the World Press Photo Contest (WPP) annual race was named best news photos.

Los higher. Moluobituo 1967
Happened in Florida. July 17 morning, wire workers and Lando. Zambia Jacksonville safety to routine inspection, ran into a live power lines, electric shock was immediately unconscious. Workers in the vicinity immediately ran rescue.
Ran on the screen is the first workers to climb poles Thompson. He found that safety has been stifled Zambia, the method immediately with mouth to mouth artificial respiration treatment. Then the workers came together to help reach the ground like Fabian, sent to the hospital, and finally hands back from the death of the Zambia Security's life.
This is a kiss of life-saving, which is great for a kiss.
On the high Luo. Moluobituo is an experienced journalist, when he walked on the road, hear the cry of panic, he immediately ran with the past, observing the developments, and ultimately moving film into the site photos.
The world is full of love, this lens to let people see the world the deep love.
The next year, the painting won the U.S. Pulitzer Prize.

(USA) Patrick. De Brooklyn 1976
The bright sun, bright sun, is the source of life. Sunny, only the growth of all things, only robust life.
Alexander the Great River between the myriad things people, the meta-million U.S. people, stands the meantime, this is how magnificent and heroic image.
It is based on the idea of shaping a modern, romantic classical image. Proximity to nature, reminds us of the immortal "Mona Lisa" as a symbol of the awakening of humanism, her confident smile speckled all over the world. Today's new woman, but a more rational and solemn eyes to the distance, the Millennium wind drift of human civilization, clothing, and thick clouds like black hair formation correspond to the break with tradition, open arms to greet the sun exposed chest, overflow issue of modern the romantic feelings of people, times move on, we may put this image and Venus - the Mona Lisa through the line of succession to enjoy them together.

Solemnity and romance seems to be two very different personalities, different states, different emotions, different times.
De Franklin puts the two seamlessly integrated with the personalities vividly manifested.
The young girl, beautiful and healthy, and she knows it, so the attitude in the eyes very solemn calm, straightforward and looked directly at the photographer, looking directly at us. Can not be avoided, say you love to hate. In the solemn image, messy hair, bare torso and very romantic. This is a very humane image and personality, a model said: "A lot of photographers still life, regarded us as the apple or something to shoot, never to us as ourselves. De Brooklyn is different. He always caught our personality. "He tried to make the subject's personality is more dazzling, more splendid, he has a broad mind, emotion and passion to accurately express a rich life.

(USA) Patrick. De Brooklyn 1975
De Franklin not only an outstanding fashion photographers, but also a distinguished and portrait photographer. He shot portraits, each of them exudes a natural charm, traditional portraits in all seriousness, alternative portrait of the nondescript, as in his portrait no trace, some simple expression, self-confident eyes, frank and outspoken you on the TV, and you knowing, "I am me" self-confidence and honesty, it felt the spirit of people directly.
First is the classic tradition of the use of sophisticated techniques, images of delicate, rich tone, composition simplicity, the main highlight, are just right and impeccable.
Art need to innovate, so many photographers do everything possible to screen for and manufacture of the stimulation points. In fact, the painting tells us, was impeccable fine will form a strong visual impact.
(United States) Thomas 1928
Murder and were executed in the terror of human society and the brutal events. Murder had "Sharenchangming" punishment. People do not want to see this event, but in the event, but also want to see the scene at that time.
January 12, 1928, pro-American women husband for the murder of Rose Gray and an accomplice were sentenced to the electric chair with death. "New York Daily News," the executive editor are not satisfied with the written reports of the death penalty, that the public has the right to see the actual photos. But the United States with other countries, many involved political, military, law events, there is a prior agreement provisions: Do not take pictures! They discuss the results of an approach, decided to use a tiny camera, the Department of the ankle at the press, so you can search by prison guards. One month before the sentence, "Chicago Tribune" reporter Thomas lent to New York because local reporters and prison officials do not recognize him, action can not easily be discovered. Thomas lived in a hotel, with a modified micro-camera to practice, a long shutter line up Results from the trouser legs inside his chest, shooting, the trousers slightly raised, can reveal the lens.
Last until the day of the death penalty, Thomas mixed into a press group in prison. Rose was brought to the electric chair, and bound the belt, the first power, she shake a little, Thomas promptly shot down. The second, third power, as long as the current one pass, he secretly pushed the shutter.
He flew back to the newspaper after washing. Because the long exposure time, image is fuzzy, but, just to see who was the shock from the horror. With full-page photograph published in the "New York Daily News Edition" on the banner headline "Death!" At the time, this picture shocked the entire United States, the whole country talking.
Make a historical witness, not to leave any important event in the history of the blank. This is a news photographer's mission. The shooting and released this picture is proof.

(United States) Margaret. White
After the end of World War II, the volatile situation in India. India is a multi-ethnic country and every nation has its own religious beliefs and practices, conflicts of interest between each other. Coupled with the colonial rulers sow dissension, led to bloody fighting the V he, the people were impoverished.
White up to 3 years in India and Pakistan interview, recorded in India and Pakistan separatist struggle in the bloodshed. Take a lot of people go hungry misery.
Close-up of the site people can say that was the disaster-ridden inner pain of the microcosm of the Indian people; do nothing but endless suffering. Silent lips closed, watch intently the hopeless eyes, all people feel sad and out of the suffering of the heart's hopes.

This is a good friend of him, Spanish surrealist painter portrait shot album "Dali's beard" in the piece.
The two artists met in 1940, the friendship formed in the shooting and began a long and tacit cooperation, creating a lot of amazing work.
Daly to expose the world's disease for their own mission. He feels that he has extraordinary insight into the eyes of the world. So to ask him on with his cooperation, with "his performance" capture the spirit of cooperation, Daly knows his performance good or bad in the shooting position, so in line with the film and television actor showed more than endurance, so often successful. In the painting, the Hal Mann uses photography and darkroom tricks, clever demonstration of exceptional Daly has three eyes. On the shooting is a reality, with the actual state of the realistic characters. Yet another reality beyond the absurd exaggeration in the unique art of a real intriguing.

(USA) Philip. Hal Mann
Created a series of surrealistic works of the success of Hal Mann believes that the dynamic nature of photography. A faithful reproduction is the kind of concrete ideas is a totally different, so after another to create the performance he's philosophizing and ideas work.
Bitter and sweet about life, sorrow and joy, life and death, etc., have a lot of people think, argue a lot, this is a problem faced by everyone, a confusion.
After repeated idea of his old friend and invited nine human models, through repeated design description, and finally with seven beautiful women constitute a realistic skull, suddenly saw the shocking, extreme horror, careful observation, will found that this was a very pleasant seven female human body. Ugly and glamorous, terrifying and lovely, and resist the temptation, all the contradictions integration, you have me, I have you.
Go from here? Each reader can not help but be as deep as the hero in China.

(Hungary), Robert. Capa 1936
In 1936, the Spanish civil war, the Hungarian photographer Robert. Gela Da Capa together with his fiancee to go interview.
Leaping out of the IRA soldiers in a trench, ready to assault the enemy of the moment, he was hit by the enemy. Only a few meters away from the soldier's kappa to respond rapidly to immediately take pictures, bring a flash of life were killed in the air condenses.
Issued out of the painting, is considered a milestone in photography field, an unprecedented masterpiece, and its value is:
1. Direct indication of the consequences of war: kill life.
2. Witnessed the process, the key moment: freeze-frame image.
3. The scene and the character of absolute objectivity: such as see the person.
4. Beyond the typical personal destiny: to expose the war.
The painting opened a new chapter of field photography, making the field has become the most exciting photographic images.

(United States) Douglas. Martin 1957
In 1955, African-American struggle for racial equality for the Montgomery City from the start. Pastor Martin was black. Luther. King became the leader of movement, he advocated non-violent struggle for racial equality in the enjoyment of the movement the undisputed leader. Gradually struggle achieved great results. In 1957, the U.S. government abolished the system of racial discrimination in many inequities, the site of the Netherlands won the annual World Press Photo competition winning photos, is typically recorded at the scene vividly.
In 1957, Little Rock, Arkansas has just announced the lifting of apartheid, black female students Dorothy. Courts and the other eight students admitted to the local high school, but the encounter obstruction as a result, U.S. President Eisenhower sent 1,000 paratroopers to escort it to the nine black students enrolled. However, the army could subdue the mob, but can not subdue the concept of deep-rooted corruption. Painting, a group of boys in the back make a fool of black students, the school's two escorts who are entirely different manner, one is
Determined to fulfill the sacred duty, a contempt that was reluctantly, seems to represent the Americans to abolish the old system in the different attitude. It Qijing revealed that black students face solemn and self-esteem, she bravely walked into a hostile campus, just to defend the sacred black people the right to education.

(United States) Robert. Jackson 1963
November 22, 1963, U.S. President John. John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas, 24, was accused of escorting Oswald the killer and the way Jack was the owner of a nightclub. Ruby assassination. For a time, the situation becomes extremely complicated, so far did not thoroughly investigate the case. But the precious historical lens is a vivid representation of the assassin assassination scene.
Jackson learned of the Kennedy assassination, the feeling that it is only the beginning and does not end. Because of this awareness, he is very concerned about the developments, which in the sudden assassination of Oswald, Ruby, he can seize the opportunity to pushed the shutter, in that stumbled upon factors including the inevitable.
Pain in the assassination and Oswald is in the center of the screen. Because suddenly, escorting people still do not react, and we pushed the photographer had lost no time in moving the shutter.

United States (Eugene. Smith)
After World War II the Japanese economy has been gradually recovering from the ruins, is developing rapidly. However, the subsequent worsening of industrial pollution.
As one called "Qisuo" chemical factory emissions continue to the sea water contains large amounts of toxic mercury, which the local fishing village, many people got a strange disease: limb atrophy, convulsions leading to death.
Smith was informed of this situation, decided to use the photos to expose the evil that pollute the environment, people seek justice for the victims. In Japan in 1971 with the help of his girlfriend, he began to interview the village of Minamata. In three and a half, he and fishermen live, eat together, take a number of real lens. The factory to prevent his interview, hired thugs attacked him several times, so that was injured was admitted to the hospital. But he "refuses to regret nine, never compromise", and finally to the thousands of photographs taken to complete the interview. He selected 175 published a book called "Minamata" the album, with a circulation of thirty thousand. This topic is not only a sensation in Japan, but also a sensation around the world, causing people around the world attach great importance to environmental protection issues. These works of his, like the common people to raise the alarm up and protect the environment.

Brazilian Salgado
Even in hardship, even in the poor and lowly, also without loss of determination and toughness, can serve as independent and strong, and this is the power of humanity. Salgado to greater understanding, respect and tribute to the attitude taken by the Gold Rush, though ragged, covered with dirt, but we respect. In this startling image, generally bleak and surging crude willpower. He showed the strength of man's self-confidence, dignity, sparked our work, respect for life.

(United States) Larry. Paul Rose 1966
Vietnam 60s of the 20th century photography field, many of the history of photography has become a classic. Field because of these outstanding news photos, vivid, deeply exposed the cruelty and evil of war, aroused the public conscience, common to oppose the war, so as to end this evil war as soon as possible to make a contribution.
U.S. war policy-makers - the Johnson administration for this very angry, they said: "The government neither sent to the competent journalists in Viet Nam, not patriotic. They should not be criticized U.S. foreign policy, could not have even suspected. "
However, the rich sense of justice of the photographers that need to let the public know the truth about the war. They said: "There is no censorship to prevent the public without prejudice to the psychological, to sincerely oppose the blatant atrocities against the disgusting behavior of the front line against the Vietnamese people from the tragedy of goosebumps."
Painting shocking. Wounded soldiers lying on the ground straight as Mudiaonisu, I do not know are dead or alive. Touchan bandage of black soldiers, unsure of direction, I do not know Where to go? Another war, a young life into dead or alive situation.
According to statistics, four hundred thousand U.S. troops to Vietnam, death forty thousand, the disabled more than three hundred thousand.
Shooting war reporter, has also always the danger in dead or alive. However, they fear, only in the Vietnam War, there would be thirty photographers, sacrificed their lives. One of the painting are, the more he was killed in Nam.

(U.S.) mark. Riboud 1967
U.S. invasion of Vietnam war, strike it tough. U.S. frantic to determine the joint forces of South Vietnam to Cambodia with the attack. President Nixon, looking somber on TV, said: "We will not allow the enemy hiding in the shelter benefit thousands of Americans to kill."
The clamor of war on college campuses in the U.S. response was expected, the students set off a wave of unprecedented protests. More than four university strike in protest activities. More than destroy hundreds of thousands of students in Washington, the White House into an armed camp.
The face of armed soldiers carrying loaded guns, students without fear, they holding flowers, pray for peace, and some students also taken to a bouquet of flowers on, inserted into the soldier's gun.
War is the continuation of politics. Reactionary politicians and groups for their own interests, often to stir up trouble, making the world war continue, no peace. Energetic students have the knowledge, insight, a man of character, enthusiastic, in various countries are the backbone to defend peace.

People living in the common environment, to see is a common street, Kete Zi exploring the unusual perspective, in order to provide to the people in the "see the scene with nothing of the United States."
Shooting in the street in the city, overlooking the camera attaches great importance to Kete Zi. He said the mundane street scenes, if another perspective, the landscape will show interesting structure.
The painting of the church opposite the Louvre is to climb up the shot. It is worth mentioning that the work in the future, medium shot, long-term view of these various other combinations. Picture gives a broad perspective to enrich the association space. Been filmed many times the Louvre, shot in the Kete Zi showing boundless space and time changes, gives rise to a wealth of experience and imagination.

      in New Mexico.
When the sun's afterglow has not cleared, bright full moon is rising. Peak every now and then the layers of clouds. Foot of the mountain, the quiet village next to the cemetery is a quiet, cross Shining gleaming white monument. Heaven and on earth, as if echoed a deep symphony of life and death.
The painting is representative of Adams is that he shot one of the most popular works. He said: "This is the opportunities and skilled use of technology products." Shooting, he had a premonition that this is an excellent image. At that time, they are traveling on the highway, Adams looked to the right and found an exciting view on the screen, and hurried off, stand a good 8 x 10 camera, after a series of technical operations, according to a good filter Leiden 15 mirror, adjusted the F32, for one second, then carefully washed and printed before they can get this piece of masterpiece.

Adams's work is very broad mind, mind calm, neat composition, imaging and clarity. In the quiet of the screen, seems to be the voice sounds of nature in the ring, a poet, rich voice singing in the whisper.
Adams is a natural singer, is black and white tones with songs like nature of the lyric poet.
Adams entered the purist photography from the date of the threshold, he put the gaze object light and shadow, color, texture, texture, and the big camera, big film, hard lenses, small aperture as the main means of pursuing rich tone , a clear picture of the performance of shadow patterns, so that photographers jumped out of the fundamental difficulties caught pictorial photography. And more importantly, Adams love of nature, this spirit led to the performance of his work with emotions, showing the great charm of the mind.

(United States) David. Burnett 1984
In the troubled Africa, Ethiopia is a mountainous plateau country, as many rivers originate in this, people also here is the "water tower of East Asia." However, due to the plundering of colonialism, internal political instability continue, the economy is lagging behind, even the best sources of water have also been destroyed, so where successive years of drought, crop failure.
The painting shows the close-up lens much torment the living conditions of drought: A ten year old boy to the extreme thirst. Like a sun exposure of the seedlings by the fire, desire the arrival of nectar, but no nectar. The little boy needs for life instinct, went to have had water in the water pipe down hard sucking. This is his source of life, this is his only way of life. He closed his eyes, tan skin, long life like a statue. However, there is no longer water, what happens? Self-evident. Powerful appeal of the work is here.

The war of aggression launched by Japanese militarists, not only seriously hurt the Chinese people, the people of Southeast Asia, but also to the Japanese brought great harm. After the war returned to Japan by China's Lin Zhongyan, see the devastation of the Japanese society, feel it deeply. So he used the camera to record the social situation in the post-war Japan, and published the "Age of Turbulence," in the title of the large pictures. He shot after Japan's defeat was mainly children, women and intellectuals of the tragic conditions of life, its real, vivid, shocking the conscience of the works evoke, to see the nature of the war of aggression, calling up people together to defend peace, to fight reconstruction of a better life.
The painting is of two school-age children out of school performance on the streets, while naked, eat her belly was not big suction to pick up cigarette butts. This photo was taken in fifty years will make people remember the profound lessons of history.
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Photography help people use images of perceiving the world, galloping imagination. Reflect the dynamic, which is cognitive; actively create, this is imagination. What are the possibility of photography in the latter it? The camera can imagine how far?
Kete Zi in this respect has made bold exploration.
Living in Paris, many of the "New Wave" artists, their works and art concept to the Kete Zi to deep impact. Kete Zi photography not only recognized the "realism" and can "dream", and he again began to expand the image to another is different from traditional development.
In 1933, Kete Zi shooting a lot of distortion distorted body, a change in the human body as a photographic reproduction of the sole to Weimei Aesthetic tendency, and the various techniques used to capture the deformation of the body, twist the body to show to the people to see, as if to tell people: Photography can be real
istic, you can create a dream.

(United States) Lewis. Hydantoin 1908-1909 years
Hein child photographs taken, some of the groups appeared, a huge plant, thin group; some individuals close to there, childlike face, a heavy burden.


Although Bresson in Monroe when inadvertently capture this photo, but the moment in the freezing or seizing of the model's natural beauty and tranquility amongst demeanor.

Bresson good scenes in daily life were found hidden problems and internal contradictions.


Luther. Luther.




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