The Way to Step into the Fashion Blogging World

Any fashionista who can easily talk for hours about clothes, beauty and latest trends, and also interestingly and competently express everything in writing, it is easy to earn money by writing articles for magazines about fashion and beauty.

Magazines about Fashion and Beauty

As the main rule of journalists says: “writing, only that – what you know” – this applies to the world of fashion. Whether it’s fashionable clothes, hairstyles of eminent image-makers, you can give a lot of useful information to ordinary people. The fashion writings are different here.

What could be better than making money on fashion magazine articles? Here are some tips for people with a taste on how to get money on fashion.

Where can I find magazines for publications?

The best way to find magazines aimed at beauty and style is to use the help of search engines such as Google and Yandex. For starters, both an online magazine and a printed publication are suitable (most print magazines have their own website). In order to become a fashionable author, you will need time to look through magazines (either on the Internet or in a bookstore) to feel which magazines attract the most interest from readers, and also to highlight a magazine that works the most closely related to you.

On the websites of many fashion magazines, you can also post a resume or request information about vacancies. Even if the magazine does not pay for articles, novice journalists can use published articles in order to replenish their portfolio.

Your blog

In addition to searching for fashion magazines that will publish your articles, aspiring fashion authors should start blogging. Creating and maintaining a blog is an easy and fun job that can help to understand whether your articles are interesting to the writer, and also earn a little. Journalists can also use their personal blog to develop their niche in a specific fashion field, or to connect with other writers and fashion editors to create their own fashionable resource.

But also it is worthwhile to read and study articles on certain topics that you will find useful in your journalistic career (especially if there is no relevant education). Also it is necessary to understand what the work of the editor is.

Budget Fashion

Select for yourself a certain niche, and become the most popular expert. So, for example, moms who sew their children’s clothes by hand will be interesting to the magazine, oriented to upbringing and family.
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Perfection for the best catering Now Easy to Avail

The catering event has become an indisputable element of any occasion, whether intended for the organization of a family or social event, such as the celebration of a wedding, a baptism, a party with known or corporate meeting.

Next we want to explain some of the criteria that should be kept in mind at the moment of hiring a catering service, knowing the services that these companies include and the type of occasion in which it is presented, to make the task much easier in the moment to make the decision.

What does a catering company include?

We want to start explaining, that the catering service varies depending on the event, the place and the time of the meeting. However, in all of them, a series of elements that are key points that we must take into account will be present.

The first of these elements is the organization and planning of the service. Companies, being specialists in conducting events, we take care of the organization and planning of what is related to catering. Within this section it is necessary to determine the number of guests, in order to be able to select the amount of food and drink, the size of the portions so that no guest is left dissatisfied or to determine the time between courses. The use of the best interational buffer catering in Singapore happens to be essential there.

The second of the elements is the service personnel. Within a catering service, it includes the staff that will be responsible for carrying it out, both in the area of ​​food preparation, and during the service. In our company we have a meter that will be responsible for supervision and logistics, in addition to the organization of the staff.

Another important aspect is the equipment and transportation. Hiring a catering company is not necessary to worry about having to supply equipment for its realization, as we have the necessary equipment such as linens, glassware, cutlery, as well as the assembly of furniture necessary for the realization of catering. Along with this aspect we must not forget the personnel in charge of the assembly, disassembly and cleaning after the catering service. That is to say, a catering company will include all the aspects so that the events go perfectly.

What types of catering do you choose?

After explaining the different aspects to consider, the next step is to choose the type of catering, which although we have explained more widely in another post dedicated to the types of catering, we want to make a memory of them so that you have them in mind.

The banquet is usually selected for formal events such as engagement parties, wedding celebrations, in which the guests will be seated around a table and in which the menu consists of an entrance, main course and dessert.

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